Particle Magnet

The particle magnet is mounted in tracks to avoid malfunction and disturbances in the electrical equipment due to particles abraded from rail and wheels. The particle magnet is normally mounted on both sides of an insulated joint or in sharp curves. The abraded small particles are effectively absorbed by the strong magnets. The particle magnet is very easy to rinse and no special tools are needed. Tests in areas where the particle magnet has been placed, have shown a dramatically reduced amount of malfunctions and disturbances due to abraded particles.

The particle magnet is developed in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration.

Type of magnet Neodym
Magnetic field on surface 2 700 Gauss
Magnetic fields 12 mm above surface 800 Gauss
Magnet area 157 cm2
Magnet length 2 x 100 mm
Magnetic pooles 2 x 6
Can be mounted on rail with
Height 133-172 mm
Foot width 125-150 mm

The particle magnet is pattern protected. No 002025634-0001.


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