Rail lifter MRL

Rail lifter MRL is one of Industrispårs own products. It is designed to be handled by one operator who manages the lifter with simple operations.The MRL can be used for destressing, changing of rubber pads and mounting of rail pads and is powered by a Honda engine that is provided with a system for oil supervision and recesses for lights.

A battery powered rail lifter, powered by a Flowfit electrical engine, is also available.

To facilitate the handling on and off the track, the hydraulic power back can easliy be lifted off. 

Insulation is removed from the MRL, therefore it can be used on tracks with signal sections. The lifter has free wheel, so that roadcrossings and wing rails can be passed without difficulties. Safety valves prevent the load from sinking in case of leakage. The hydraulic power pack has dimensions which allows other hydraulic tools to be connected to the power pack.

Technical data
Length 900 mm
Width 1800 mm
Hight without power pack 500 mm
Hight with power pack 800 mm
Weight without power pack 100 kg
Hydraulic power pack
Engine Honda GX 160
Power 5,5 hk/3600 r.p.m.
Pump TFP 100/3,2-D-CO 01
System capacity 15 l
Maximum pressure 200 bar
Weight including oil 50 kg

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